Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It is a pity that there is no sure thing... or is that our greatest blessing?

It is a pity that there is no sure thing... or is that our greatest blessing? Your insecure self rails at your walking towards your dreams. It is completely against it. Our small mind plays such fearful games with us. I discovered a constant. Would you like to know what that is? It is “I have to.” “I have to stay here, I have to do this.” That is when I turned and walked away.

I discovered this too: That we don’t lose anything because we don’t really have anything! I spoke many volumes on this point alone.

If there is one constant, sure thing, it is the miracle you are, wherever you are, whenever you find yourself there. You are not bound, you are blessed. We all come to the end of the road, but there are 12 new roads, 12 new paths and more.

As a human being we identify always with loss, but as I speak to you, to the soul within, I feel no loss at all! What I feel is the next step, what I feel is the ascension that you long for. You do not lack for bravery. So I suggest that you at least allow yourself to explore. And I likewise suggest that you might be very pleasantly surprised!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Did I move a stone?

Did I move a stone?  Did I rise from the dead?  A stone does not think, it moves not of its own accord, it just is.  It is like a sedentary life, or the illusion of life, and that’s not the way to live.  We have to move our own stone, because when we do rise from the somnambulant death, then we are the glory of truth as light.  And moving a stone is child’s play because all we have to do is do it.  It is as changing your life, all you have to do is do it!  

I’m called Jesus Christ, the ascended one, the beautiful one, the kind one, the compassionate one, but I’m just like you.  I could no longer stand a stone in my life, and so I chose life as light.  I chose truth over lies.  I chose life over death.  And you know what?  It worked.  And that’s why I’m here, season after season, life after life, just to remind you:  Hey!  Hey!  It works!  It works.  You just have to stick with it.  You just have to not give up!  You have to be strong.  You have to be all in.  You have to be dedicated and committed, oh but where that leads!  We’re all brave or half-crazy becoming human.  But what’s on the other side of that!  I cannot even describe.  God’s Poet may be able to, better than I.

But I think we all try.  I have.  And then I gave up trying and I just became it.  I became the essence of love, which means that I love everyone.  Because once you choose to do that, that’s the way it is.  There’s no such thing as judgement anymore because there’s nothing to judge.  There’s only love; and forgiveness is pretty simple.  Because this kind of love, this choice of love breeds compassion, understanding, forgiveness. 

And it’s all the same, it’s the same for every single person.  We are no different.  It is simply the mask that we wear.  We look like that near the end of our life, our human life, with the lines that are imbued in our life, they become our face.  I would rather have a countenance of light and at least a little smile.  I’m sure you would too.  I feel certain of that, as a matter of fact.  So you must do what you love and love what you do because that is the reflection of how you feel about you.  It’s cutting right to the chase: the foundation of all of life is, if you are worth it, life is worth it.  That’s what it is to be a Christ.  But I still prefer being called a friend, a really good close friend.
Peace to you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How great is your fear?

How great is your fear?  How strong are your diversions?  How beautific is your denial?  All of these are illusions, none of these—hear me—have power.  They have no power.

If you encourage your God to perform as the buffoon and to feed the hungry, empty pit of fear, what a great disservice you do your kindness.  These are not the days to see life as a weak human being, weak of mind, of consciousness, of body, of determination, of focus, weak of soul.

Imagine having all of your power taken away from you by an illusion.  Imagine watching it happen every day of your brief life, being something you truly are not.  Imagine knowing your immortality, your ability to create life, and imagine sitting patiently while the world of lies says you cannot.  Imagine for a moment the ability to heal and cure, and imagine being convinced on some level that only a pill takes care of the pain and suffering.  

Imagine stretching heaven all across the universe to come to a place like Earth.  And imagine forgetting that you did just that.  Is it glorious being human?  Truth is that it can be.  Humanity is the child to the God you are, to the almighty I AM.  Humanity is the worker to the great feminine thought, from the very center of the sun of all of life.  God is humanity's good fortune, and yet humanity takes it upon itself, convinces itself sheerly out of fear and ignorance that it is the redeemer and sustainer, that it is god.  It is time for new perspective.

Do you realize who you are?  Can you stomach that?  That you are the great of the great?  That your hands can raise the dead?  That if walking on water were your thing, you'd be half way to China?  But what is your thing?

It is not what you think it is.  It is very simple.  It is simply to be who you are despite all the odds against your realizing that truth.  It is to pare down your life till you come to a place where there is no forest for the trees, where there is only light and you stand before God naked, unashamed and smiling.

The Beloved Master said, to lose your life shall you be born again.  You've already lost your lives.  Why hold off your birth?  Now is the time to begin to really live, really know the meaning of life, and that is to live life abundantly in God, and to point God in your direction, and to live in that moment that is eternal and all-giving.  Open your arms, beloveds.  There is a lot to accept.  Begin first by accepting your own greatness and all else is added onto you.  And that is really living.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Take what is most important to you and divide it by God

 Take what is most important to you and divide it by God.  What remains?  Is it whole or a fraction of God?  From what realm is it born?  Does it live in the heart or shiver in the mind?  What is of great importance to you?  

God is not of importance.  God is of simplicity.  God is the universal love and you are the universal light.  This is not a God external, but an awakening of the great, immense light that lives within, that is activated by simple surrender, by words that flow from the river of the heart.  Use the mind to think on these things.  Use the heart to feel. 
Divine Mother

Monday, March 14, 2016

You are aware of the pain, the discomfort.

You are aware of the pain, the discomfort.  You are aware of the fear and the turmoil within your body.  You are aware of the feelings of uncertainty, mistrust.  You are aware of your anger; perhaps you are aware of the game.  

But there is something else happening, something you know consciously nothing about.  You are beginning the journey back to heaven.  This is the push; this is one of the greatest opportunities you will ever know: being a part of the freedom of a fragile race.  Within that is your own freedom, your great and good works.  This change is not easy and this change is not quick, but it is thorough.  It is as deep as change gets and it is happening to you.  

You would not understand it if I explained it to you, but your time being human is coming to an end.  Some call it ascension, some call it nirvana, some call it death.  It is not the death of the physical, it is a death of the old way.  You are rising into a place of consciousness that your race has never seen before.  You are the forebears, you are the bringers of truth.  All things in your lower life are screaming because they are like weeds being torn from a garden.  Their time is short and they know it.  And as more of the game is revealed to each of you, the clearer more pristine your garden becomes.  

Humanity is not the epitome of life—quite the contrary—it is a form of life.  This form of life has somehow taken over and beguiled the truth of us all.  We rose beyond it.  You are rising beyond the illusion.  In many ways this is one of the darker times of your world—conversely, this is the grandest opportunity you’ve ever known.  

It is not that we, your elder brothers and sisters, have not suffered what you suffer;  we have.  We are not devoid of compassion or kindness—quite the contrary.  But we also know and realize that subservience to the small mind and frail body is surrender, and such a power so great surrendering to such a great lie is a travesty.  All trappings on this world have been created by the mind of humanity so that you sleepwalk through your opportunity.  You are waking up.  You are extricating yourselves from the game of life as the masses know it.  Again we say, it is worth every ache and pain and sorrow and hurt, every moment of despondency, to go where you are going. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is the journey, my children?

What is the journey, my children? Is it overcoming what you have attracted to yourself or is it forging a new way despite the past? 

Remember this: you do not live in a cage or a box. Your power, when you focus, is drawn from the heart that is the original heart.  And from this heart flows the light of love to all of life, as light, as love, as forgiveness. 

Do you think that one iota of this love would be withheld from you because of a mistake or weakness, because of your apparent past while being human? Think again. 

Where do we go from here? We make a decision.  I will help. We start life all over again.  It begins on a foundation of forgiveness, of emancipation, of simple self-love. 

Beloved teacher, I hear you think, How can I let go of my past when I define so much of my present and future from that past?  Simple, you have no future. You have your decision of who you are right now.  And your past, it lies alone. 

Let go of your karma. Bring it to God. It will not go far. The light calls into your hearts; allow it to reside there. Be still. Be here. Right now.